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Everyday essentials and accessories crafted for the modern knight

Escuyer - a brand specialised in basics that are all but basic. Named after the French equivalent of a squire (he who helps the Knight), Escuyer facilitates the life of the busy modern man by perfecting the garments he lives in the most. Through a beautiful line of handmade, luxurious cotton socks and Tshirts, Escuyer ensures you’ll never queue for a white tee again.

Japanese inspired socks
Colour blocks socks
Walking never felt this good

“Elegant, simple and functional” such is the checklist of a brand whose mission is to cater for men’s basic needs, every day of the week. Driven by the desire to perfect the ultimate range of men’s essentials (T-shirts and socks), Escuyer argues that comfort comes first - and that in its pursuit, the choice of materials used can be a make or break decision.

A strong emphasis on colour combinations

Escuyer's Inspiration
Escuyer's Inspiration
Escuyer's Inspiration

More than just an excellent source for your favourite basics and essentials however, Escuyer is an incredibly well endowed reference for colour and artistic research. Deeply inspired by the work of Sanzo Wada, Japanese painter and author of the “Dictionary of Colour Combinations,” the brand flaunts an extensive, calculated colour palette including everything from the suavest of neutrals to the boldest of pigments.

Comfort: Such is the man behind the brand's mission

Peru, where Escuyer sources its organic cotton from.
photo taken by a bombassador

Passionate about quality and the wearer’s experience, Escuyer founder Gregory de Harlez hand-picks his cottons from as far as South America, ensuring a product that is as comfortable as it is one of a kind. The garments are designed in Brussels and produced in a family-run factory in Portugal, a stone’s throw away from the city of Porto. By combining traditional craftsmanship with minimalistic, contemporary design, Escuyer brings to life a refreshingly modern collection embellished with generational savoir-faire.

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