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From Family to Quality

Our family-run brands prove that you can work with your clan - Brand stories Ep. I

If starting a business alone or with friends is already a challenge, then starting one with your family can feel like the moon landing. Partly because of the perception that all eggs are in the same basket, partly because caring for a family can already be a job of its own, it is sometimes hard to realise that our partner in crime is to be found within loved ones.

Some, however, made the leap, merging creativity and family in their life project. Behind names like Bowler & Beach, Risdon & Risdon or Malle London are distinctive human narratives that keep the soul of society alive.

Bowler & Beach

Founded by two brothers, Matt and BJ, Bowler & Beach is a luxury beachwear brand inspired by the memories of their childhood spent along the Portuguese coastline. In tribute to their Portuguese summers, the duo uses the unique sartorial tradition in swimwear production of the coastal city of Porto to produce high-grade swimwear and accessories.

“Being brothers, and remaining very close to this day, BJ and I have many interesting stories about each other, most of which aren’t suitable to be shared in public or one of us wouldn’t be pleased if they were shared (although the other would be delighted to tell)! Starting a family business can have its fair share of perks.” Matt from Bowler & Beach

Risdon & Risdon

Risdon & Risdon is a brand bridging two generations. The brand offers one of a kind aprons of unique and robust quality to ensure style and practicality in everyday use. The British company is comprised of a mother and sons team and each member harbours a distinctive design perspective.

The trio is dynamic: Carla, with her background in textiles and sewing, brings a modern flair to traditional craftsmanship in design, Alex boasts of a savoir-faire in leather working while James specialises in branding, web-design and photography.

Malle London

Jonathan and Robert
malle london

Founded by motorcycle enthusiasts and cousins Robert Nightingale and Jonathan Cazzola, Malle brings a refined aspect to luggage made to weather the road. With a background in branding, design and digital marketing, the duo is redefining functional luggage. Each piece is made from durable materials with minimalist design. Therefore, each product is versatile, and much like its wearer, can adapt to any environment. Made for men who take on the road and the boardroom.

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