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How to Find Inspiring Brands

We deliver some of our trade secrets

the quest - photo taken by rob from the with love project

We’ve been there, you’ve been there. Whether it’s music, paradise beaches, or the finest bar in town, making new discoveries isn’t always easy. Whereas Shazam or Spotify might have your back in your pursuit of good music, there are no cheat codes when it comes to small, high quality craftsmanship brands. So how can you find them?  

1. Find the Gurus

We’re not talking about an Ayahuasca-drinking shaman in the middle of the rainforest kind of guru - even though he might be a good contact.

We are talking about finding your way to the right expert journals and magazines to discover new horizons. Take it from us - in order to continuously supply our community with fresh, high-quality products, we had to find some mentors to show us the way.  

The Grey Fox in the UK / Comme un Camion in France

For example, if you’re after a brand producing quality British made garments, the Grey Fox will help. This online journal is dedicated to unearthing high quality British and European brands and narrating their stories. It's a great place to read, explore, and get inspired.

In France, you might want to look at Comme un Camion to learn about solid newcomers. This blog specialises in testing goods and writing recommendations. They have an entire section dedicated to Made in France labels - a pure gold mine. You can also check our French Living Heritage list.

2. Ask your secret brands about their secret brands

Something we’ve realised by working with vibrant, artisanal brands, is that everyone has inspirations and icons - especially those who make the cool gear. Often, great brands complement and support each other, so tap into their community.

If you feel like a particular company has your style nailed down to the tee, call them up or pop into a store, and have a talk about the brands they look up to or share their values with. For example, asking Jonathan, Malle’s founder, about other brands he likes led us straight to knock on Hedon’s door.

3. Fairs. From your sofa.

Ah, Bombinate loves a good fair. Set up to bring people together, fairs are large, fun events that celebrate a certain theme (brands, crafts, food, music, etc.) and promote the exposure of those involved in them. Providing the perfect location to mingle, fairs are an incredible way of bringing hundreds of brands to one same place.

Take for example Pitti, in Firenze. Twice a year, we travel to Florence, in Italy, to enjoy the Tuscan brand bonanza under the Italian sunshine, drink in hand and gnocchi on the plate.

Can’t make it? No big deal, just check up the fairs’ websites and see what went down from the comfort of your own home.

Pitti - Florence

Jacket Required - London

4. Go old school - leave your house in search of unique artisans

You might have watched our Launch Video. If not, take this chance to check it out. It will give you an idea of the kind of adventure required to find unique brands.

5. Drop us your email, and let us do the work.

Here at Bombinate, our mission is to scout the greatest products around and make them available to you. Hunting down the varied, vibrant brands Europe and beyond has to offer is our preferred occupation. Sign up to our newsletter, and we’ll send you a handful of articles, product spotlights and all the latest finds every week.

High-quality greatness made easy.

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